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Procedure for obtaining a driver’s license

1. First aid course

Anyone applying for a category B provisional driving licence must show proof that they have attended a first aid course. This course must have been offered by a recognised organisation and must not have been taken more than 6 years ago.

2. Provisional driving licence request form

Provisional driving licence forms can be obtained from your cantonal vehicle authority.

In different cantons, you can also obtain the forms from the district office or from police stations:

  • Complete the form and answer all the questions
  • Take a sight test from an approved ophthalmologist or optician. The result will be written directly onto the request form. The sight tests must not date back more than 24 months.
  • You need one or two colour passport photos for registration
  • Checking the list of inhabitants of your place of residence will confirm your identity on first application
3. Theory test

After receipt of authorisation for the theory, you will be authorised to sit the theory test.

4. Provision driving licence

Once the theory test has been passed and you have reached the minimum age, you will receive your provisional driving licence through the post.

5. Awareness raising course

8 hours of theoretical courses on road awareness (mandatory – no exam).

6. Practical driving test

Enrol for a driving test.

7. Driving licence

Once you have passed your driving licence you will receive it through the post.


Practical Test

For those who have to pass a practical test (exchange of foreign licence required by the vehicle authority): Speed-Limit will help you to prepare by offering technical lessons as well as teaching you the subtleties of Swiss law as it relates to driving.

Practical test: can be taken with an automatic car, which gives you the right to a licence for both manual and automatic cars.

Refresher Course

For those in possession of a valid driving licence but are no longer sure of their driving ability or who have not driven for a long time.