To comply with COVID-19 safety standards, we must comply with the following conditions:

  • We will meet towards my car without physical contact
  • Will each put on a protective mask (it will not be provided, so you must come with yours)
  • Will disinfect our hands before entering the vehicle.
  • Can start the course (my car will already be disinfected).

The lesson will last 50 minutes because it takes me time to prepare my car for the next lesson. However, there is no increase in the price.

New rules :

As of January 1, 2021, the legislation regarding student permits has changed. In fact, it will be possible to obtain a category B (automobile) student license from the age of 17.

Learning courses from 17 years old

People who, as of January 1, 2021, obtain a student driver’s license for passenger cars before the age of 20 will go through a compulsory 12-month apprenticeship phase. In order that the driving test can be taken from the age of 18 despite this one-year learning phase, the student driver’s license may be issued to candidates aged 17. People who obtain a student driver’s license after their 20s are not affected by the 12-month apprenticeship phase.
Here is a table summarizing the situation for taking the practical exam:

Driving lesson
at Nyon and Geneva
Get your licence
Know everything here
Circuit Driving training
On demand


Anthony Sinopoli gives driving lessons on Nyon to prepare you for the driving test.


know everything

to get your driving licence

Driving lessons in Nyon

Teaching the practical part for the driving license exam, Speed Limit offers driving lessons in Nyon on automatic or manual cars.
Anthony Sinopoli can pick up the students at the agreed meeting place.


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